Questions We Get Asked

How long does the cover designing process take?

It depends on the designer.
Custom made covers shouldn’t be rushed as your cover is probably your first selling tool.
It takes time to perfect, so when one of our designers contact you, please make sure to ask him/her that question.

How fast is your ‘RUSH’ time?

Rush formatting can take up to a few hours to half a day, it’s not design included. There might be an extra fee involved if formatter is busy with another client’s format. They will inform you if that is the case in their first email to you.

Where do I start?

It’s very easy. Just fill in our contact form on here, or email us at design (at) firequilldesigns (dot) com.

What information do you need from me to start with the project?

Cover Design: We will send you a form that you need to fill in. It will give our designer an idea of what you have in mind and that we can deliver a great quality cover that will stand strong and one that you will love.

Book Layout: Our Designer will send you a few questions they would like you to answer before they start. It really half the design time in half, and one you will be happy with.

Promotional Graphics: Our designer will contact you if she needs 

What genres doe you work with?


We work with all genres.

Can I create and e-cover now and the full cover later?

Yes, just communicate that with your designer, telling him/hr that you only want the e-cover now and that you might want the full cover at a later stage.


Who do I need to credit?

You can credit your designer’s name followed by Fire Quill Design.

Eg. Joemel Requeza from Fire Quill Design.


What sort of payment system do you use?

We accept PayPal.

What is the difference between an e-cover and a full cover?

E-Cover: Just the front part.

Full Cover: Front, spine and back part of the book.

What are your availability like?

We are available all the time, unless you want to design a cover using Joemel. He is booked all the time. Just send him a message and ask him what his time frame looks like.

Do you have more questions that isn’t listed above, contact us.