Finally!! I can’t believe that our website is finally up and ready. I’m so excited to introduce this little designing company to the world, to show everyone what it is we can do, and I mean we seriously can do plenty.


We know how pricey it  can be for a really great cover, editing, formatting and promotional images. But to succeed in this business, you definitely need all of them to stand out and to make an impression on the readers. So, what we are going to offer is seriously up your alley, and something you just have to participate in. Each month we are going to run a giveaway just for you, the authors that still need to make it in this business, that doesn’t have thousands of dollars to spend on a cover, and editing, and formatting. Not even to mention Promotional Images and a WEBSITE.

Each month one of our packages will be up for grabs. Whether it’s a cover design, or a formatting package, it will really push you toward that publishing button.

So keep an eye out on our monthly giveaways and to see whether you can enter and participate.


We have more than just one designer on board with us, and each one of them have a different and unique talent when it comes to designing covers. Have a look and feel for what they have to offer and contact them for a quote. 

And for those that are set on your designers, as there are many, many great designers out there, we offer stock images, promotional book templates and other designing specials to consider.

We also offer custom photoshoots at a decent price as they too can become extremely pricey. Have a look at our past photoshoot. Our cover model images is only available during the quote stages and not on our website.

No matter how big the task, we are ready for your query.


Yes, we even have something really great for you. We did our first big photoshoot and got more than enough images we need. If you are looking for new faces, new images to design your clients beautiful covers, then hop on over to our shop and have a look at all our images.

We are trying to do one big photoshoot each year with amazing fitness models that are eagerly waiting. So have a look at our stock images and see if there is anything you like.

Here at FQ Design, also known as Fire Quill Design, nothing is too big or too small when it comes to our customers. So give us a chance and see what it is we can do.

Watch out for our February post and our first giveaway